Flavour Vaper – Where Flavour Chasing e-Liquids and Vape Tanks Become an Art Form.

So you’ve reached Flavour Vaper and are wondering what it’s all about? Sound fair enough? Well, this blog is run by me—Dwayne Obrien, and I love flavoursome e-liquids. In fact, I love them so much I put this blog together to help people like you get the most flavour out of your e-liquids.

Not only that, I also want to review a range of award winning e-liquids that have the best flavours on the planet. And—I also want to show you some great vape tanks that are best suited for flavour chasing.

All these points combined will together show you how to best enjoy vaping your favourite e-liquids and vape juices. Flavour chasing is an art form and at Flavour Vaper it’s an art form that we have perfected.

ELiquid flavours are incredibly important to stopping smoking

E-Liquid flavours are incredibly important to stopping smoking

Recent reviews of flavour rich e-liquids.

Recent reviews of flavour chasing vape tanks.

What’s all this flavour chasing?

That’s a good question—and i’ll answer it as best I can. It all started when someone asked me if you could get flavourless e-liquid—which you can. The problem is, it’s even harder to stop smoking with flavourless e-liquid than it is with e-liquid that’s packed with flavours.

You need to have a favourite flavour just like a favourite cigarette in order for you to keep going back to your e-cigarette or box mod and tank set-up. Flavours are everything with e-liquid.